Senior Exhibit

Everything in my show is print based. From the pieces carved and then stamped by hand, to the pieces on a small computer, to the other made to fit vehicles, they all are print. With society as a whole embracing the new digital era, people seem to forget the base that made it what it is today, printmaking. My show is here to remind everyone what we are moving away from, a glimpse at design at one of its oldest roots. With that in mind, I want my show to come off not as perplex or thought provoking, but as a window into the simplification of a job or project. My pieces are made with one goal in mind, to get the job done well without overcomplicating it. Not every piece of art needs to have this meaning behind it to bring you to a higher plane of thinking, sometimes a design needs to be made just because it looks cool. Through this show though, I want to be able to show off my vast array of design techniques and skills to the viewer, to show that I am able to adapt and overcome any challenge set in front of me. This is shown through the different types of mediums in my show and processes used to create these final pieces.